A long overdue welcome and a face-to-face farewell

Jiaxiang Zhang

Everyone has been busy in the last few weeks with various projects. We however managed to have a face-to-face get-together. The first is to welcome our new Research Fellow Sabina Baltruschat and PhD student Andrea Vergallo. Sabina will work on MRI/MEG decision-making projects. Andrea’s PhD will focus on brain network changes in people with genetic risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

We also say goodbye to Marinho. Marinho joined us in 2019 and has made substantial achievements in his work on the mathematical modelling of epileptic seizures with MEG and stereo-EEG data. Marinho will still collaborate closely on ongoing projects, and we wish Marinho all the best for his future adventures.

Satisfied faces after a filling lunch \:D

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