Brief bio

I received my BSc degree in electrical-electronics engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey and completed MSc and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering Institute of the same university. During my PhD I worked on the integration of EEG-fMRI signals on the cortical surface by decomposing the signals of these modalities on the common and discrimininant subspaces with higher order dimensional methods (tensor). I visited Prof Pedro Valdes-Sosa in Cuban Neuroscience Center to develop Granger Causality methods for the quantification of the brain connectivity over higher number of nodes with tensor regression. Later, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the newly founded Neuroinformatics-Collaboratory in UESTC, Chengdu China with Pedro Valdes-Sosa. In this time I was interested in developing biophysically plausible state-space models for investigating the brain connectivity mostly for fMRI. I started to work as a research associate in CUBRIC in September 2017 and currently I am interested in the integration of behavioural models and the neuroimaging (DWI, FMRI and MEG) data.