Congratulations to Dr Szul on passing his PhD viva this week. Well done!

And we are enjoying a group Christmas dinner.

We welcome new students joinning us this semester. Emanuele Sicurella will work on individual structural-functional connectivity, Ruoguang Si will work inentional decisions, and Gabbie Portlock visits Cardiff for her rotation project on behavioural modelling.

This week we welcome Luke Tait to join us as a reserach associate. Luke will be working on the integration of multimodal imaging and computational modelling to understand cognitive processes.

A new paper by Maciej Szul and our collaborators is published on Behavior Research Methods. By comparing behavioural performance and cognitive model parameters, Maciej showed that joystick movements revealed comparable decision-making processes as conventional key presses in perceptual decision-making. The results pave the way for our further action-centric paradigms for decision making.

The paper is now available online.

This week we welcome Marinho Lopes to join us. Marinho is affiliated with the University of Bristol. He is working on a GW4 collaborative project, in which we are developing recurrent analysis methods MEG/EEG data from patients with epilepsy.