1. Analysis scripts

1.1. Along Tract Analysis of diffusion-weighted imaging data

This is an analysis pipeline for searching structural-functional associations along the principal direction of fiber bundles.

[Script repository]

[Reference: Karahan et al. (2019)]

1.2. Automatic localization of multiple high density depth electrodes

[Script repository]

1.3. A cortical atlas (230 ROIs) optimized for MEG

This atlas is reduced from the Human Connectome Project’s multimodal parcellation. This atlas is optimized for MEG based upon the forward transformation between source dynamics and MEG sensors.

[Script repository]

[Reference: Tait et al. (2020)]

2. Open dataset

2.1. Perceptual decision-making with continuous and discrete responses

The data repository includes raw and preprocessed behavioural data.

[Data repository]

[Reference: Szul et al. (2020)]

2.2. Voluntary decision-making

The data repository includes preprocessed EEG data.

[Data repository]

[Reference: Zajkowski et al. (2020)]

3. Pre-registation

3.1 Within and Across Domain Effects of Choice-Induced Bias

3.2 Integration of information in the perceptual decision making

3.3 Memory-guided value-based decision-making

4. Training

4.1. 2019 OHBM training course brief