New paper on MEG cortical microstates


A new paper led by Luke Tait is published on Neuroimage.

We generalise the microstate methodology to be applicable to source-reconstructed electrophysiological data. Using simulations of a neural-mass network model, we first established the validity and robustness of the proposed method. Using MEG resting-state data, we uncovered ten microstates with distinct spatial distributions of cortical activation. Multivariate pattern analysis demonstrated that source-level microstates were associated with distinct functional connectivity patterns. We further demonstrated that the occurrence probability of MEG microstates were altered by auditory stimuli, exhibiting a hyperactivity of the microstate including the auditory cortex. Our results support the use of source-level microstates as a method for investigating brain dynamic activity and connectivity at the millisecond scale.

The paper is now available online.

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Published on April 25, 2022